Find your inner power by helping others

Website: www. mtmoriahoutreachcamdensc.com

 Mt. Moriah Outreach, Inc. is committed to helping eradicate hunger, providing assistance in improving the quality of life among the communities underserved, uninformed, homeless  and low-income individuals, educationally, spiritually and physically.


To be a strong bridge builder, reaching, and teaching... unified in the cause to enhance quality of life, self-sufficiency, self-esteem and healthy lifestyles.


Integrity - to maintain the highest organizational standards of concuct, values and faithfulness in the services(s) we provide to others.

Service - with humility, to be a model of love, compassion, and charity for those we serve.

Accountability - Use available resources wisely.  Use user-friendly software to Keep Federal, State, and local records up to date that maybe reviewed upon request.

Collaboration - build strong partnerships with businesses, churches, organizations, and individuals to better serve the people.